Top 10 Spring Festivals in Cape Verde

Cape Verde

Immerse yourself in the vibrant spring celebrations of Cape Verde

Cape Verde, an archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa, is known for its vibrant culture and lively festivals. Spring brings a burst of energy to the islands, with various festivals showcasing music, dance, and local traditions. Here is an overview of the top 10 spring festivals in Cape Verde.

1. Sal Music Festival

The Sal Music Festival, held on the island of Sal, attracts both local and international musicians who perform a diverse range of music styles. This festival is a must-visit for music lovers looking to experience the thriving Cape Verdean music scene.


2. Espargos Carnival

Espargos Carnival on the island of Sal is a popular annual event featuring flamboyant parades, vibrant costumes, and energetic music. Visitors can join the festivities, immerse themselves in the local culture, and dance the night away.