Weather Overview

One of the most important reasons for visiting Cape Verde is the fantastic year round sunshine, with average temperatures ranging between 21C and 29C. Cape Verde has a dry tropical climate with rain that sometimes only occurs once or twice a year, especially in the tourist centres of Sal and Boa Vista, which have an average rainfall of only 8cm as opposed to Santiago which has an average of 24cm per year.

The most popular time to visit Cape Verde is during the European winter from November through to March. At this time of year the average daily temperature is a comfortable 23C and the nights are cooler. These conditions are also ideal for water sports and if you are looking for the latest surfing and swell charts, take a look at our kite and windsurf forecast page.

Personally I would also recommend coming from May until mid July when the daily temperature gradually increases and the nights are not yet too humid.

The main rainy season is between August and early October, this tends to be when the temperature and humidity are at their highest. If you are visiting Cape Verde during this period especially the Islands of Santiago and Santo Antao be prepared for the possibility of rain.

The 5 day weather forecast for the Cape Verde Islands can be found below. The page is defaulted to the weather on Sal but there is also the choice to view the weather on the other Islands.

What to bring in your suitcase?

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