top 10 attractions


The stunning beaches especially on Sal and Boa Vista are amongst some of the most beautiful in the world, imagine a deserted chalk white sandy beach all to yourself, what would you do?

2.Learn to Surf

Cape Verde is blessed with world class water sports conditions wherever you a beginner or adrenaline junkie Learn various disciplines including windsurfing, kite surfing, body boarding and surfing with qualified instructors in a sunny environment.

3.Scuba Diving

Take advantage of the warm Cape Verdean waters and learn to scuba dive and take one of the PADI scuba diver certification courses and dive one of the many shipwrecks and discover the hidden treasures of Cape Verde.

4.Nighttime Turtle Excursions

Cape Verde is the 3rd largest nesting site for Loggerhead turtles, enjoy a rare and rewarding opportunity to see and learn more about these endangered species on a nighttime excursion between July and October.

5.Game Fishing

Cape Verde is a fantastic destination for big game fishing, not only is there the opportunity to fish the magnificent Blue Marlin between March and October but also Tuna, Wahoo and Amberjack.

6.Santo Antao

Visit arguable the most beautiful Island in Cape Verde, Santo Antao and take the amazing journey form Porto Novo to Paul up an over the clouds and down in to the fertile valleys. In fact the whole Island is a natural wonder.

7.Carnival Baia das Gatas Music Festival

During February (Carnival) and August (music festival) pack your dancing shoes as you witness the electrifying atmosphere of the Mindelo Carnival and music festival of Baia das Gatas.


The remarkable volcanic Island of Fogo is another essential experience, climb the Volcano, sample some wine and coffee and be amazed by the incredible landscapes.

9.Cidade Velha

The UNESCO site, Cidade Velha on the Island of Santiago is a historical treasure and transports you back to the time of slavery and colonialism in Africa.

10.Traditional Cape Verdean Evening

Listen to the Morna made famous by Cesora Evora, watch a demonstration of local dance and you will be invited to join in, sample Catchupa the national dish and of course wash it down with some Fogo wine and a glass Grogue from Santo Antao.