What to Pack

This page contains some great ideas about some of the essentials to bring with you on your trip to Cape Verde. Baggage allowances are now very tight and if you’re like me and hate to pay extra at the airport for excess baggage charges, this can be avoided by following some of the tips below.

Cape Verde Essentials 
The beautiful beaches of Cape Verde are one of the main highlights of your Cape Verde holiday and the majority of visitors will spend a great deal time sunbathing or taking advantage of the ideal water sport conditions. It is therefore essential to pack some high factor waterproof sun cream.
A Camera with spare batteries, SD card and maybe a specialised water proof camera if you’re messing around in the waves.
Clothing Accessories 
Good sunglasses are required with the necessary UV protection, try and avoid buying fakes from the street venders. I would also suggest bringing a good sun hat as the sun can be deceptively strong especially in the winter. Bring some sensible footwear, for the day and for the evening. The streets are made of cobblestones, so high heels are not particularly practical.
What to Wear
Cape Verde is bathed in sunlight throughout the year, with long sunny days and generally little rain. The majority of time you will be wearing beach wear.
Nude sunbathing is strictly prohibited in Cape Verde and the police will arrest you, so don’t be tempted by those deserted beaches. Topless sunbathing is fine but not practised by the local women.
Evening wear can be reasonably casual, Jacket and tie is not required .Cape Verdean’s do however make a special effort when going out at the weekend and evening.  Catholicism is the main religion in Cape Verde and locals make a special effort to look their Sunday best for Church.
If you are travelling between the months of January and March, I would suggest bringing a Jumper or a Pashmina for the ladies and maybe a light jacket as the nights can be a little chilly.
During the rainy season between late August and September, light waterproofs would be a good idea, especially if you’re looking to go hiking to Santo Antao and Sao Nicolau.
Water Sports Equipment
Remember to pack your diving certification, wet suits, and rash vests depending on water conditions
General tips
Cape Verde has recently graduated to middle income status and has undergone significant developments in infrastructure, there still however is more development required within this area. Power cuts are less common but may occur during your visit to Cape Verde. The majority of hotels now have back up power generators, so this should not affect you greatly, however I would certainly pack a torch in your suitcase.
Mosquitoes can be a nuisance especially after the rain. I would suggest bringing some repellent with deet and also a plug in the wall device, especially if you have a bad reaction to mosquito bites.
In regards to medication, remember to bring any essential items, to find out more about Cape Verde healthcare, please see the practical information page.
Looking to give back to the local Community?
Any spare, toiletries, children’s board games, pens, crayons and paper will all be greatly accepted by the local schools and children’s organisations.