Visa Information


The normal practice is for you travel agent to organise your Cape Verde visa prior to your arrival however you must receive confirmation of this before your departure otherwise you will have to pay on entry.

Cape Verde Tourist Tax

The situation is a little unclear at the moment in reagrds to the introduction of the new additional tourist tax on the 01.05.2013. The government want to introduce a daily charge of 2 Euro for people 16 years and above to a maximum of 10 days. This will be collected from the hotels.

If you are on a flight only package travelling from Europe without a prior visa you can pay on entry in to Cape Verde a fee of 25 Euros per person in cash is payable.

In order to reduce your delay at customs, I would suggest trying to get to the front of the queue if you already have your visa confirmed. If you need to pay, save time by going directly to the visa office. In Sal the visa office is on the left hand side as you enter.

The visa organised at the airport is only valid for 2 weeks however you can obtain an extension up to 90 days by going to the local police station in Cape Verde or contacting your nearest Cape Verdean embassy abroad and organising your extended visa before your departure.

  • Passport with your initial entry stamp if already in Cape Verde
  • Passport Photocopy of entry stamp (if already in Cape Verde) and ID Page
  • One passport photo
  • Completion of Model form B (200 CVE or 2 Euro)
  • Proof of additional funds
  • An additional fee of 2000 CVE 20 Euro) for the Visa

I have noticed a number websites providing a high cost visa service for Cape Verde but please contact your nearest Cape Verdean embassy for extended visas or otherwise pay the 25 Euro at the airport.

Cape Verdean Embassies Abroad

Cape Verde Embassy in Germany 0049 302 045 0955
Cape Verde Embassy in Austria 0043 150 387 27
Cape Verde Embassy in Belgium 00322 643 62 70
Cape Verde Embassy in France 0033 142 127 350
Cape Verde Embassy in Italy 0039 0647 446 78
Cape Verde Embassy in Luxembourg 0035 226 480 948
Cape Verde Embassy in Portugal 0035 121 304 1440
Cape Verde Embassy in USA 001 202 965 6820

Cape Verdean Consulates Abroad

Cape Verde Consulate in Spain 0034 915 702 568
Cape Verde Consulate in the Netherlands 0031 104 778977
Cape Verde Honorary Consulate in Finland 0035 897 072 500
Cape Verde Honorary Consulate in Switzerland 0041 612 698 095
Cape Verde Honorary Consulate in Russia 0070 954 154 106
Cape Verde Honorary Consulate in Sweden 0046 874 229 27

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