If you are a lover of white sandy beaches, sunshine, visiting places hardly touched by tourism and enjoy feelings of escapism tranquillity and isolation then Maio is definitely worth a visit.

Vila do Maio the coastal capital city has some good examples of Portuguese and colonial architecture as well as the notable church of Nostra Senora da Luz.

Maio is similar to Boa Vista in that it has miles of white sand but it is not flat and an intensive reforestation of Acacia trees makes it home to Cape Verde’s largest cultivated forest. The forest has the look of a large oasis, and creates a pleasant contrast to the surrounding scenery.

You can get around on foot or by bike but hiring a 4x4 is probably best as it will allow you to reach some of the more remote beaches. You should take care though as not all are safe for swimming depending on weather and currents.

You can reach this island located 25km from Santiago by plane and from June 2011 via ferry.  It has a small population and is only 24 km long but it is blessed with glorious white sandy beaches stretching from north to south.

It is possible to see the highlights of Maio in a day but if you love it here then simple overnight accommodation is available.