Cape Verde Regional Info

Cape Verde gets under your skin and into your heart. It is a place of incredible beauty, to enjoy and return to, as one trip is simply never enough.
Have you ever been to a destination and felt as if you have missed all the best bits? It is our aim to be your very own virtual tour guide, to help you get the most out of your visit to Cape Verde

Our first piece of advice is to take off the watch as time has no importance in Cape Verde, after all there is always tomorrow… Lie back and relax on a beautiful sun drenched beach or simply chill by the pool. Quench your thirst with a Caipirinha or a Strela, and take a romantic stroll on a deserted beach before cooling off in the crystal clear turquoise waters.

Cape Verde is a magical destination, where life is simple. A place where you can leave the hectic life of home behind as the refreshing breeze blows work pressures away. You can be as relaxed or as active as you want to be. Cape Verde is made up of ten very unique islands all of which are a short flight or a boat ride away from each other.

You can take advantage of the world-class water sport conditions and learn to surf or let the wind take you as you try windsurfing or kitesurfing. Or if you prefer to watch go along to Ponta Preta in Sal and see the professionals take on the breathtaking world class waves.

How about fishing for yellow fin tuna or the magnificent blue marlin?  You might also like to go snorkeling or learn to dive, and explore the numerous wrecks scattered around the Islands.

Cape Verde is the home of one of the world’s most significant nesting areas for Loggerhead turtles. Why not take a nighttime excursion and learn more about these magnificent creatures and make a donation to help protect and conserve them?

There are many fascinating places to visit such as the old salt mine of Pedra de Lume. You can take an excursion and visit the amazing landscape of the volcanic Island of Fogo, and try the coffee and wine produced from the fertile grounds. Why not give in to your adventurous spirit, hire a guide and climb up the volcano, an amazing experience.

Take a quad bike and explore the Island of Boa Vista and see completely isolated stunning white sandy beaches such as Santa Monica and explore the famous Hartwell ship wreck. It is so easy to feel as if you are the first person to discover these delights.

Visit the Island of Sao Vicente and discover the cultural heartbeat of Cape Verde. Witness the spectacular Carnival and music festivals, have a drink in the new Marina Club, and take a walk along the harbour. Visit Mount Verde for its spectacular panoramic views of Mindelo and Praia Grande. Take the short ferry from Sao Vicente and experience the stunning beauty of San Antao, the most beautiful Island in Cape Verde. Take a guided walk and experience the breathtaking magnificence of the mountains and the valleys.

Visit Santiago the most African of the Cape Verdian islands and see the UNESCO world heritage old fort site at Cidade Velha, and hear the fascinating history of slavery and European colonialism in Africa.

Meet the local people and listen to their stories. See the children play with old tires or string with a piece of foil attached, joy etched on their faces, blond hair blue eyes, light brown skin reflecting the colorful history where pirates such as Sir Francis Drake and the Duke of Montrond left their mark.

Cape Verde is an amazing destination, unspoiled. You never know what you will see around the corner. Get out of the all inclusive hotels and explore the surrounding area, take excursions to other islands away from the main tourist track, this is where the real treasures lie.